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Antique Butter Scraper

The bh-001 wood Butter Scraper is a handy tool for getting off last minutes of Butter on cakes and other foods, the Scraper is fabricated of wood and is in like manner very durable. It is an exceptional tool for all kinds of food.

Antique Butter Scraper Walmart

The Antique Butter Scraper is an exceptional tool for removing unwanted body and gloss from food, the Scraper is moreover very effortless to operate and is the worry about getting your Butter all over your work surface. This Antique Butter Scraper is outstanding for polished surfaces or those with a natural color, the carving is located on the front of the Scraper and the Scraper itself is produced of plastic material that creates a "dance" motion. The Scraper provides two blades and a spinning motor, the Scraper can be left in the scratch for a few minutes and then removed with a small amount of water or soap. This Antique vintage Butter Scraper is a best-in-class choice to get your hands clean and searching these Butter Scraper handles are wooden and will make your buttering up a mess nailing that just happened to be a bit of a relic, but, with a little care and attention, it can look so pretty too. This is a valuable Antique Butter scraper, it is a horse shoe Scraper with a farrier's blade on one end and a horse on the other end. The farrier will can use the Scraper to help clean up their office.