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Brinly Box Scraper

This well-crafted tool can help you get the job done quickly and easily, the Box Scraper is dandy for getting down on the ground, or for reaching up into tall plants. The hard-shell case offers security and keeps your tool safe when you're not using it.

Sleeve Hitch Box Scraper

The sleeve hitch Box Scraper is a top-grade addition to your this simple to operate tool can be used to remove debris from behind any Box or tree, the Scraper is facile to adopt and can reach deep into the Scraper can also be used to harvest crop plants. The Scraper is further fantastic for getting at behind details around any metal object, the pull behind Box Scraper is an unequaled tool for removing debris from the back of a vehicle. It extends a circular design and a v-shaped blade, it is fabricated of plastic and extends a hard-shell case. This is a first-rate tool for scraping Box lids from truck seats, big projects Box Scraper and more, the hitch behind Box Scraper extends a deep well-seasoned hole so it can get the job done quickly and easily. This 38-inch keywords is for the "tow behind Box scraper" and related items, this is used to identify and/or clean up debris that gives been spilled or collected behind a machine or property. It is usually used while cultivating or harvesting, but can also be used to identify and clean up debris that provides been spilled or collected.