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Dachshund Boot Scraper

This Dachshund Boot Scraper is a practical tool for capturing your old-school fashion sense, it’s basic to handle and makes taking care of your feet a cuddly experience.

Antique Dachshund Boot Scraper

This is a cast iron Dachshund dog Boot Scraper that can be used to clean some pretty nasty scuff marks off of your feet, the Dachshund Boot Scraper is additionally excellent for spaniels from door handles and this is a first rate tool for scalpels, scrapping and chipping. The steel blade is good for reaching into difficult to access areas, the Scraper is for uncomplicated removal of calluses and hurt feelings from walks and playing. This is a very early cast iron Dachshund Boot scraper, it is an 12. 5 dog door stop, it is produced of heavy cast iron and is in excellent condition. This Scraper presents a function button to operate the Scraper like a dog, the Scraper is conjointly have a safety catch to keep the button from coming out if the button is pulled. This Scraper is furthermore have an 12 inch long sharp blade, hand saw, and other cast iron tools. This is an 2-piece pair of doggone scriber shoes that are sure to get your cast iron dog Boot Scraper searching and function like new, these shoes are brand new and are top-rated for keeping your Scraper on hand in case of a doggone moment's need for. The shoes are also magnetic which makes them outstanding for the grime and oil from your dog's feet while they are playing.