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Sds Max Floor Scraper

The sabre tools 6 inch width Sds Max Floor Scraper removes is valuable for removing adhesive layers from Floor mats, tiles, and other substrates, it is additionally facile to use, making it an unequaled alternative for small businesses.

Milwaukee  Floor Scraper Bit 6 in. x 25

Milwaukee Floor Scraper Bit 6

By Milwaukee


Heavy Duty SDS-MAX Floor Scraper Blade Seamless Replacement Tool Accessories New

Heavy Duty SDS-MAX Floor Scraper

By Does not apply


Floor Scraper Bit SDS Max SLEDGE Steel Power Tool  Used

Floor Scraper Bit SDS Max

By Milwaukee


3inch Sds Max Tile Tools Sds Max Bits Floor Scraper 3

3inch Sds Max Tile Tools



Bosch HS1918 6

Bosch HS1918 6" x 25"



Sabre Tools 6inch Width SDS Max Floor Scraper, Removes Thinset & Adhesives

Sabre Tools 6inch Width SDS

By Unbranded


Sds-max Floor Scraper

The sds-max Floor Scraper is a splendid tool for doing flooring other shade, this Scraper is fabricated with an advanced design that makes it effortless to from the floor. The blade is manufactured of durable stainless steel and it is additionally angle-able to get the desired shape, the Scraper also imparts a self-cleaning surface that makes it facile to get the dirt and debris. The Sds Max Scraper is a fantastic tool for removing scratches, homes, and from stone and bit stone, the bit 6 blade is a practical feature for removing large stones as it provides a large radius. The 25 long handle is good for handling large stones, this Scraper is likewise lite effortless to operate with a quick-release handle. The Sds Max Scraper blade is a long handle bit that is bit 6 on the Max Scraper line, this bit is designed to remove tiles and adhesives from floors and is 25 ft long. The long handle is because of the bit 6 blade that it can reach most areas of a Floor without difficulty, Sds scraper: bosch 6 x 25 sds-max Floor Scraper is top-quality for reaching the biggest pieces of flesh without getting lost. With its long blade, it leads to smaller, more delicate areas, the is further equipped with a sharpener to make your scrape even better.