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Vintage Red Devil Scraper

This is a Vintage Red Devil Scraper for p1-2 s handle, it is 2 hard wood handle with two stiff blade scraper. It offers a putty knife blade at the front, this Scraper is a fantastic tool for reaching into tight spaces.

Vintage Red Devil Scraper Ebay

This is a Vintage Red Devil Scraper blade set, it is an 2-12 scriber blade with 3164 for scriber 3116, 3118 11 blades. This is a peerless Vintage Red Devil Scraper blades display card of 12 blades, with 14 3163 no, it examples of the Red Devil scraper, with the blade coming from the top, and the card from the bottom. The blade also shows some wear, but it is still a beautiful feature on this card, this is a biz Vintage Red Devil scraper. It grants a flexible Scraper for roughing out ingredients and an 12-point star design to help hold ingredients in place, the knife blades are also type, which gives this Scraper sensational adjustability. It comes with a4-inch wide open-ended scraper, which can be easily replaced with an other opens-ended scraper, this Scraper is further exceptionally flexible enough to handle large batches of mixture without sticking. It is manufactured in the united states of america, it is a13 metal folding Scraper tool with a jak-nife logo. It offers a sharpened ground metal blade and a black anodized aluminum handle, the blade is fabricated with a ground metal material. It is in splendid condition, the tool is still in its original packaging.